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I love the program. As a traffic control designer, I use Rapid Plan often. It is easy to use and much faster than any other software system I’ve used to design detour or temporary traffic control plans.

Brian Gale

Regular updates with new features are always appreciated.

Julian Crawford

Very nice product that has allowed us to deliver an outstanding product to our customers and field crews.

Nathen Drake

This is a great program for our needs, quick turn around for final product to client.

Eric Barndt

Really useful tool which reduced so many man hour wastage over creation traffic control plans in Autocad.

Mr Madhuri

I’m very happy with RapidPlan. The addition of aerial maps was extremely helpful.

Christopher Hee

With your customer service alone I will never look for another solution for drawing traffic control plans. I cannot thank you enough for the great customer service!

Jonathan Avendano