What people are saying about us and our products.

Rapid plan is easy to use. I’m able to not only use it for traffic management plans but also provide visuals for proposed road marking layouts and locality maps.

Carmen Kumar

Absolutely love rapid plan makes much easier than CAD, makes my job a breeze, a few signs that aren’t on there but I usually make my own and I think it is awesome I can do so. Technical Support is only Neutral as I’ve never required it but the customer service and training (in-app & youtube) are superb. Nothing but good things to say about rapid plan, very responsive and I haven’t come across any loss of plans or forced closing at all so I’m very impressed. I’ve used Rapid Plan for 3 companies over 4 years and will continue to do so.

Te Haki Statham

It is a great program and has speed up temporary traffic design compared to Auto CAD.

Gwynmarie Tomlin

The functionality of RapidPlan just keeps getting better and better. I use it for so much more than just traffic management plans these days!

Danielle Baines

RapidPlan’s quality is far better than the other software available in the industry. It is simple and highly efficient software.

Karan Singh