New update available: RapidPlan 3.4

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What’s new in this update?

Advanced Geometry Drawing: Snap to existing geometry when drawing an object and RapidPlan will automatically create control points to fit the desired curve. Drawing delineators, lane markings, work zones along road and lane edges becomes easier than ever.

Snap to Bounds: When moving or scaling objects and print regions, their bounds edges and centers snap to each other for quick and precise positioning.

New Drawing Tools: Create notes sections with the editable Text Table, use Cloud Shape and Number Stamper to quickly annotate your TCP contents.

Advanced Cropping: Crop images and other objects to any desired shape, edit individual points and segments in existing crop geometries.

Improved CAD Import: The redesigned CAD Import tool improves import quality and presents a live preview of what gets imported as you adjust the options.

Batch Export Improvements: Plans and print regions can now be arranged by drag-dropping the items, then saved and restored as reusable export configurations.

NearMap API Integration: NearMap subscribers in USA, Australia and New Zealand can now access NearMap aerials as base map layer in RapidPlan. Current NearMap subscribers can obtain their API key by following these instructions.

To learn more about what we have added in this update, view the video above, or visit the RapidPlan website for the full list of improvements.