RapidPlan integrates EagleView API

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RapidPlan now integrates with the Eagleview Australia (formerly Spookfish*) API. RapidPlan customers can now access EagleView resources directly from the software, via their OrthoConnect or OrthoFlex subscription.

EagleView is one of the leading providers of up-to-date, very high resolution aerial imagery. This, as well as a host of other recent mapping integrations, has reinforced Invarion’s commitment to providing RapidPlan customers access to the most current, high resolution aerial imagery services available – from within our software.

How can I access EagleView as a map provider in RapidPlan?

Presuming you already have a current OrthoConnect or OrthoFlex subscription with EagleView, the first step is to include them as an option on your basemap providers list. To do this, navigate to the Properties palette. Under “Basemap”, select the click-down menu next to “Provider”. At the bottom of the menu, choose “More providers”.

In the dialogue box that appears, check the box next to EagleView, then click “Save”.

This option will now display in the click-down menu. Again, navigate to the Provider menu and select EagleView. A dialogue box will then appear asking for your EagleView username and password. After entering these details, click “Save”.

Imagery provided by EagleView will now display on the background in your canvas area.

EagleView dialogue

*Spookfish was acquired by EagleView Technologies during 2018. The company was officially re-branded to Eagleview Australia in February 2019.