New update 2024: RapidPlan Online

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We are thrilled to unveil a series of substantial upgrades to RapidPlan Online, our cutting-edge web-based application designed to elevate your traffic control planning experience. Over the past few months, we’ve diligently worked on introducing features and improvements that aim to enhance the precision, flexibility, and efficiency of your projects. For an in-depth exploration, be sure to check out our comprehensive video on our YouTube channel. Now, let’s dive into what’s new in 2024.

  • Snapping: Objects can now ‘snap’ to each others geometries, points or bounds – improving object alignment and ease of drawing. Snapping behavior can be modified or enabled/disabled via the ‘magnet’ button in the top right tool panel.
  • Rich Text Formatting: Advanced text formatting capabilities allow you to create tailored title blocks and note sections and enhance the overall presentation of your plans.
  • Legend/Manifest Custom Dimensions: Customize your Legend or Manifest boxes by resizing to show multi-column layouts.
  • Customizable Tool and Object Styles: Save your frequently used object styles to help ensure consistent presentation across your plans. Apply default styles effortlessly to new objects of a given type.
  • Adjustable Plan Location: Adjust the location of a plan even after completion. This can save you time when duplicating setups in different locations.
  • Toggle Sign Codes: Show sign codes directly on the canvas area. This can be enabled per sign or per plan.
  • Read-Only Plan Sharing: Share a read-only version of your plan seamlessly with collaborating users or clients. 

For a visual walkthrough and detailed insights into these exciting new features, check out our video  What’s new in RapidPlan Online -January 2024 on the Invarion YouTube channel. Embark on a journey of enhanced planning capabilities with RapidPlan Online. Stay connected for the latest updates, and allow these innovations to reshape your planning experience! Follow us on social media for real-time insights and join the conversation.