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All Roads Traffic Solutions

“RapidPlan is Amazing, it has proven to be an extremely valuable resource for our company, it helps us submit compliant traffic plans faster than other plan programs. Rapid Plan is a unique program that can cater to any job site requirement & is so flexible and easy to use, their support has always been very helpful. I have seen RapidPlan evolve over the years & it has truly become a great program!”

– All Roads Traffic Solutions

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Ash Traffic

I have been using Rapid since it was first launched on the market over 10 years ago – In all that time, no other program that has come onto the market has matched RapidPlan in performance, and credibility. It still is, in spite of upgrades and development tweaks, the easiest program in our industry to use. Its back-end support is brilliant – and as this software is written specifically for road plans – Invarion knows the industry I work in – if I have to talk to a technician, which isn’t often, they already know what I am trying to achieve. They get it.

– Cat Clethero
Owner of Ash Traffic
Perth, Australia

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BC Ministry of Transportation

I am thoroughly enjoying the program, which is easy to learn and use. I have created a number of templates and find the program is beneficial for developing both basic and complex traffic control layouts.

– Tracy Wynnyk
BC Ministry of Transportation
Safety Advisor

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LHB Inc. Engineer

RapidPlan is an industry must have tool for developing clear and concise traffic control plans. Having the MUTCD Typical Application Diagrams built in to the program allows users to quickly adapt the necessary control devices to a site specific location. With a click of a button, states’ MUTCD Supplemental Signage is loaded directly into your sign inventory allowing designers the flexibility of easily developing traffic plans for projects across the country without having to search and recreate state signs. In addition to traffic control plans, RapidPlan is an invaluable tool for displaying workspace limits and project dimensions for public display and permitting approval. It provides companies another tool for communicating with project stakeholders and the public.

– LHB Inc. Engineer

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AWP has continued to utilize RapidPlan since adding it to our toolbox in 2008 because it allows our design team to produce detailed, clear plan sets for permitting and easy to understand plans for our field operations.


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Your Way Safety & Sign

RapidPlan is an awesome program. It is very user friendly. It is easy to train other people to run the program. The options are abundant, and the final products are very professional. I have used other programs in the past and this is by far superior to them. The support staff is great, if i run into a problem or have questions they have me back on track in record time. I recommend RapidPlan to everyone.

– Heather J. Pifer
Your Way Safety & Sign Supply
Colorado, USA

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Blaze Construction Ltd.

We have been using RapidPlan for several years and are really happy with it. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s the best traffic management package we have used. Our clients and local authorities continue to be impressed with the professional layout of our plans and I’m always proud to put my name to any piece of work I’ve produced with RapidPlan.

– Marianne Broderick
Blaze Construction Ltd.
Civil Engineer/Surveyor