Frequently asked questions

Where can I view the RapidPlan Online Service Agreement?2019-05-23T04:51:04+00:00

The RapidPlan Online Service Agreement can be viewed at: http://rapidplan.net/webinstall/manual/rapidplan-online-service-agreement/

Where can I view the RapidPlan Online User Manual?2019-05-23T04:51:24+00:00

The User Manual for RapidPlan Online can be viewed at: http://rapidplan.net/webinstall/manual/rapidplan-online-user-manual/

Which web browsers are RapidPlan Online compatible with?2019-05-23T04:53:30+00:00

RapidPlan Online has been built to operate on all current web browsers (i.e., Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla).

For optimal performance, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Can I run RapidPlan Online on a Mac?2019-05-23T04:52:32+00:00

Yes, RapidPlan Online can be used on any platform or device using a browser. This includes iOS devices such as Mac computers and iPads. 

Can I import high quality images into RapidPlan?2019-05-23T01:52:43+00:00

Formats like JPG, PNG are what’s called raster images, or bitmaps, which means they’re fixed sets of pixels. It’s not possible to scale them without losing quality. To see quality improve, set the option in Tools->Preferences->Application->Image Options->Exported image resolution to produce images up to 8 times larger than the normal size. With this option set, the plan will be enlarged and then exported to an image, making the image larger and more suitable for printing.

Note: RapidPlan is based on vector graphics (not raster), so it can scale its objects with no loss in quality. However, RapidPlan is not able to scale imported images without loss in quality (like background aerial photos). Because of this, if you are planning to export back to an image, it is best to begin by using only high-resolution images. Also, uncheck the Tools-

What file formats are supported when importing to RapidPlan?2019-05-23T01:53:17+00:00

RapidPlan can add images that are in BMP, JPEG, GIF, and PNG format, including the ability to import DXF and ERSI files.

For bmp, jpeg, png and gif images, just go to Primitive Objects, and select Image In the Files of Type drop down menu and you will see the image formats RapidPlan can place on a plan.
For dxf and ersi images, go to Tools, then Import.

How do layers work on RapidPlan?2019-05-23T01:54:08+00:00

The Layers tab can be found on the right side of the application, along with the Properties tab. If it’s not there, go to the View tab and check the box for the Layers list option.

Adding a layer:
When a user adds a layer to his plan, the first layer he was working on automatically becomes the background layer. To add a layer, go to the Layers tab and click the green plus sign. Layer 1 will then appear right above the Background layer.

Active Layer Indication Arrow:
The arrow on the left serves as an indicator as to which layer is currently active and being worked on. For example, if you want to make modifications to the objects drawn on the background but the arrow is at Layer 1, you will notice that you are unable to select or highlight an object even if you had clicked on it.

Moving between Layers:
In the Layers tab, click Background to move the indicator arrow to point to the Background layer. You will now be able to edit the objects on the background layer. Move the indicator arrow to any layer you wish to work with by clicking on the specific layer from within the Layers tab.

Functions within the Layers tab:
If you move the mouse over an option in the Layers tab, text will appear that tells you the name of the function and what it does.
Toggle Layer Visibility (eye icon) – Hides the layer so the user can see only that layer which he wants to work on.

Lock/Unlock layer – A user cannot edit that layer if the option is set to lock (the pad lock icon will open if the layer is set to Unlock).
Toggle Layer Printability – Allows users to exclude the layer from being printed.

Our office has a firewall that filters Internet connection and I’m having trouble connecting to RapidPlan – What should I do?2019-05-23T02:01:30+00:00

The firewall needs to be configured in a way that will allow the Gateway to communicate with the following servers: :

• //invarion.com
• http://invariongateway.com
• https://invariongateway.com

These addresses should be put on a whitelist for all applications.

Double check that there are no application-specific restrictions in place. Oftentimes people are able to ping the servers, but the Gateway still cannot access them. This is because the ‘ping’ application is treated differently by the firewall.

The new version of the Gateway should use default proxy credentials as set in your IE options. Please make sure that the ‘Obtain proxy information from the operating system’ box is checked in Settings->Proxy Settings.

Can I transfer my single-machine license to another computer?2019-05-23T02:00:45+00:00

Yes, but only one computer at a time can use your single-machine license. To transfer a license to another computer, follow the process below. If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us at support@invarion.com for assistance.

To transfer RapidPlan to another machine:

1. Download and install Invarion Gateway on the new machine.

You can download the Invarion Gateway installer using this link: http://rapidplan.net/webinstall/invariongateway.exe

Note: You will need administrative access to the PC to install Invarion Gateway.

2. Run the installer, launch Invarion Gateway, and log on with your current username (e-mail address format) and password. You will then be asked if you’d like to transfer the license to the new machine.

Once you confirm, it will start the standard revalidation period of about 12 hours. After revalidating, it will automatically deactivate from the old machine.

3. Once the revalidation period is over, re-launch Invarion Gateway and log-in.
4. Download the RapidPlan application by hitting the Download button. After downloading, you can use RapidPlan by clicking on the Execute button.

Note: Successful installation of RapidPlan relies on certain Microsoft Updates being installed on your computer, in particular the .NET Framework 4 service pack. If you do not have the required updates, RapidPlan will identify this to you during the installation process.

To obtain the latest Microsoft Updates you may either check automatically for Microsoft Updates via the Control Panel in your system or you can download the update relevant to your operating system from the Microsoft Download Centre at: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17851&WT.mc_id=MSCOM_EN_US_DLC_DETAILS_121LSUS007996

I see that Invarion has an extensive sign library, but how do I create an additional custom sign?2019-05-23T02:00:30+00:00

We will be happy to create a new sign for you at no additional cost if you send your requirements to support@invarion.com

Alternatively, if you would like to create a new sign for your traffic control plan or adjust existing signs for your own specific preferences, you can follow these steps:

To create a new sign:

  1. Illustrate your sign using the primitive objects tools.
  2. When done drawing your sign, select all of the elements of your sign by dragging a selection box around all items you wish to include.
  3. Right click on one of the items and select Group.
  4. If you wish to save this sign for later use, right click on it and select Save Object/Save as Sign.
  5. After entering a name for your sign, click on the Save button and choose a location where you would like to save the file. The default routes to My Documents/Rapid Plan/Signs.

Note: After saving your sign it will be available within the Custom tab in the signs palette.

You can also refer to the RapidPlan user manual, Chapter 11: Creating Your Own Signs (page 142 – 157). Download a copy of the User Manual using this link:


I want to export a RapidPlan Traffic Control plan to PDF. How do I do that?2019-05-23T02:00:05+00:00

Simply click on File > Export >To PDF on the menu bar.

Can I draw a plan directly onto an aerial image?2019-05-23T01:59:45+00:00

Yes. RapidPlan can display a dynamic basemap preview on the plan drawing canvas. You can then download aerial tiles as plan background, import road network data and display location coordinates of any point on the plan. Toggle between mapping provided by Bing, ArcGIS and Omniscale – with more providers being added soon.

How does the annual renewal work?2019-05-23T01:59:12+00:00

We let you know 45 days in advance of your license expiry date so you will have plenty of time to renew your license and maintain access to the software and all updates.

At RapidPlan, we know how valuable our software is for saving you time when creating accurate traffic plans, so we like to give you even one less thing to worry about and more time saved with our renewal reminders.

Can I use RapidPlan without an Internet connection?2019-05-23T04:30:08+00:00

Yes. You can access the full functionality of RapidPlan without having an internet connection by clicking the Work Offline option. However, at least once every 14 days you will need to connect to the Internet via the Invarion gateway to maintain the use of the software.

Where can I view the RapidPlan User Manual?2019-05-23T04:29:42+00:00

The User Manual for RapidPlan can be viewed at: http://rapidplan.net/webinstall/manual/rapidplan-3.3-user-manual/

Can I run RapidPlan on a Mac?2019-05-23T04:29:10+00:00

RapidPlan can run on a Mac with applications like Parallels, VMWare, or Boot Camp. If you buy RapidPlan for your Mac and aren’t fully satisfied with running it through VMWare or one of the other options, we do offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Give it a try!

Alternatively, sign up for a free trial of RapidPlan Online.

Can I use RapidPlan on a tablet?2019-05-23T04:28:51+00:00

RapidPlan will operate on any tablet that runs the full Windows Operating System.

We always offer a 14 day money back guarantee for new customers so if by chance RapidPlan does not work with your device, there is no risk to you.