The Layers tab can be found on the right side of the application, along with the Properties tab. If it’s not there, go to the View tab and check the box for the Layers list option.

Adding a layer:
When a user adds a layer to his plan, the first layer he was working on automatically becomes the background layer. To add a layer, go to the Layers tab and click the green plus sign. Layer 1 will then appear right above the Background layer.

Active Layer Indication Arrow:
The arrow on the left serves as an indicator as to which layer is currently active and being worked on. For example, if you want to make modifications to the objects drawn on the background but the arrow is at Layer 1, you will notice that you are unable to select or highlight an object even if you had clicked on it.

Moving between Layers:
In the Layers tab, click Background to move the indicator arrow to point to the Background layer. You will now be able to edit the objects on the background layer. Move the indicator arrow to any layer you wish to work with by clicking on the specific layer from within the Layers tab.

Functions within the Layers tab:
If you move the mouse over an option in the Layers tab, text will appear that tells you the name of the function and what it does.
Toggle Layer Visibility (eye icon) – Hides the layer so the user can see only that layer which he wants to work on.

Lock/Unlock layer – A user cannot edit that layer if the option is set to lock (the pad lock icon will open if the layer is set to Unlock).
Toggle Layer Printability – Allows users to exclude the layer from being printed.