Yes, but only one computer at a time can use your single-machine license. To transfer a license to another computer, follow the process below. If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us at for assistance.

To transfer RapidPlan to another machine:

1. Download and install Invarion Gateway on the new machine.

You can download the Invarion Gateway installer using this link:

Note: You will need administrative access to the PC to install Invarion Gateway.

2. Run the installer, launch Invarion Gateway, and log on with your current username (e-mail address format) and password. You will then be asked if you’d like to transfer the license to the new machine.

Once you confirm, it will start the standard revalidation period of about 12 hours. After revalidating, it will automatically deactivate from the old machine.

3. Once the revalidation period is over, re-launch Invarion Gateway and log-in.
4. Download the RapidPlan application by hitting the Download button. After downloading, you can use RapidPlan by clicking on the Execute button.

Note: Successful installation of RapidPlan relies on certain Microsoft Updates being installed on your computer, in particular the .NET Framework 4 service pack. If you do not have the required updates, RapidPlan will identify this to you during the installation process.

To obtain the latest Microsoft Updates you may either check automatically for Microsoft Updates via the Control Panel in your system or you can download the update relevant to your operating system from the Microsoft Download Centre at: