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Over 6000 businesses in 27 countries rely on RapidPlan.

We are the most complete and trusted Traffic Control Plan software company in the world.

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Since our inception in 2001, it has been our singular focus to be the best in the market with our traffic planning software, now used by over 6,000 customers in 27 countries. We continue to improve and update on our best selling software, RapidPlan. Every one of customers is valuable to us which is why we offer unrivaled ongoing support from initial setup to custom plans. Don’t just take it from us, you can read what some of happy customers think on our testimonials page, we look forward to you being the next!

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Our Corporate Mission:

We strive to be recognized as the global provider of choice for temporary traffic control plan software, by supplying the best tools to private and public industry leaders, and supporting our clients with unrivalled levels of service.

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Some of our valued customers:

What our customers are saying:

I am very happy that this program was purchased by my organization. It has made my reports more professional looking.
Eric Dizard, Snohomish County
Powerful and very useful program!
Chris Clements, Scottish Line Painting Ltd.
With your customer service alone I will never look for another solution for drawing traffic control plans. I cannot thank you enough for the great customer service!
Jonathan Avendano, The Barricade Company LLC.
My team at the City of Portland has been so impressed with this product. I use RapidPlan to create all of our typical traffic control plans for our latest temporary traffic control plan and recommend it to people I work with regularly. Thank you!
Alexandra Furnish, City of Portland
Its a great program , easy to use for beginners and you have great friendly customer service.
Meghan Jackson, McRae's Environmental Services
I have used RapidPlan a lot for the last 7 years and have really enjoyed the ease of the program.
Joe Tabios, Warning Lites
I think this tool is fantastic. It has saved me a lot of time, and results in easier-to-follow TCPs.
John Wilson, Portland Bureau of Transportation
It is a great program and has sped up temporary traffic design compared to Auto CAD.
Gwynmarie Tomlin, McConnell Dowell
It's just a pleasure to use.
Suzie Bee, City of Darwin
Amazing program could not fault it in any way! You can really tell why RapidPlan is the industry standard.
Ben Miller , Citywide
Great customer support, great product. Highly recommended.
Aaron Brook , Ipswich City Council
Excellent product, quick and easy to use.
Steve Woodland, Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council
Very good program. Will definitely recommend! Been using RapidPlan consistently over the last 8 years and it has been awesome to see how it has grown to what it is today.
Brandon Hurtado, Associated Traffic Safety
Love the program. Super easy to use.
Paul Terrebonne, Capitol Barricade
Absolutely love the programme.
Ellen Brown, Downer
Really enjoy using RapidPlan, makes drawing TGS's a dream.
Matthew Yin, Toowoomba Regional Council
Great product!
Ross Swedeen, Traffic Services Company
It's an extremely powerful program. Since we implemented our new safety program last year, the amount of TMP's I have printed out could easily stack to the ceiling of my office! We couldn't do without it, there's no way I'd want to hand draw these things.
Chris Clements, Scottish Line Painting Ltd.
Thank you for providing such a comprehensive product and service.
Nicole Law, TMP's 2 Go
I tell everyone to use RapidPlan.
Cat Clethero, Ash Traffic
Great product, easy to use and navigate through.
Ashleigh Morrow, Southern Downs Regional Council
Very nice product that has allowed us to deliver an outstanding product to our customers & field crews.
Nathen Drake, Roadsafe Traffic
Have been a rapid plan user for 5 years. It's sure a time saver and a very professional approach when submitting for contracts.
Ken Lang, Steed and Evans Limited
Awesome product; I've used a few. I find your product superior in the areas of intuitiveness; extremely user friendly.
Skip Johns, Spivey Rentals Inc.
Great product, easy to use.
Mike Krueger, City of Bellevue
Really, the best tool possible for what we do.
Alan Ward, K&D Services Inc.
I love the open abilities of this program, I use it for so many projects above and beyond the traffic control features. The finished products we can produce with the program are appreciated by both myself and my management team.
Victoria Duke, Fann Contracting Inc.
Very happy with Rapidplan. It is very easy to use and learn how to use.
Monic Trevino, TurnKey Operations
This is a great program for our needs, quick turn around for final product to client.
Eric Barndt, Area Wide Protective
I love RapidPlan. It has made my job so much easier and enjoyable. Thanks guys.
Steven Hill, United Traffic Control Services
Great user friendly product and support.
Terry Dyer, Go Traffic
Regular updates with new features are always appreciated.
Julian Crawford, Traffic Management Ltd.
The functionality of RapidPlan just keeps getting better and better - I use it for so much more than just traffic management plans these days!
Danielle Baines, Fulton Hogan
RapidPlan's quality is far better than the other software available in the industry. It is simple and highly efficient software.
Karan Singh, Evolution Road Services
It is an amazing product. I can quick pull together a plan and deliver a quality detailed plan to the field. Awesome product!
Andy Starzomski, City of Sault Ste. Marie
Wish we would have had access to RapidPlan sooner.
Victor Estrada, City of Sedona
Your Support Team is absolutely amazing, and I am always amazed and the improvements that come with each update. Thank you for making my job so much easier all the time.
Jean Wolfe, Mar-Tech Underground Services Ltd.
This program really has done a great job of getting to our customers what they are looking for. We do Traffic Control Plans for clients in Maryland, DC and Virginia. They all seem happy with our final product which makes them come back for more. We are very satisfied with RapidPlan.
Tiffany Schrauder, Sunrise Safety Services Inc.
Excellent Product!!!
Jeremy Cicero, American Signal Equipment
Excellent program, I was one of the initial users in Ontario when this program first came out. it has come a long way and is a great business tool.
Steven Webb, LamSar Inc.
Very good product that turns out quality traffic plans and is user friendly.
Chris Beach, Atlas Flasher
I started on Traffic Graphics over 13 years ago. About 8 years ago I was introduced to Rapid plan and everything changed. I was amazed at what I could do and how proficient it was compared to the other program. I love drawing plans and can't image myself drawing with any other program.
PeggySue Wakefield, WS Barricade
RapidPlan is a great product it has enabled our company to process around 10,000 plans a year.
Borlande Robertson, BAS Rentals
I think RapidPlan is the best out there. Very user friendly and backed by a good support team.
Nev Sydenham, Stabilised Pavements

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