New update available: RapidPlan 3.3

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What’s new in this update?

Intersections Editor: Create complex intersections with just a few mouse clicks. The intersection editor will assist you in adding corners, turn lanes, markings, crosswalks and lane symbols. Once created, an intersection remains fully adjustable and editable. Click here to read a complete tutorial.

Dimensions Input Panel: Start typing at any time while drawing objects to specify precise distance, angle, offset, point or coordinates for the next point. Pixels or site distance units can be used (for plans drawn to scale).

Sign Stand Tool: All sign devices can now display an adjustable stand icon to specify their exact position and orientation.

Road Width Handles: Select a road and press Ctrl+H to display a set of handles that allow quick resizing of lanes, shoulders and sidewalks.

Print & Export Improvements: Get more control over your output with the Print Current View tool, fixed output scale mode and preserving layers in exported PDFs.

Improved Location Search: Searching for your job location in the New Plan Wizard is now more accurate and flexible. When your search query matches several locations, a selectable list is presented.

Export Device Coordinates: The Manifest Export tool can now include location coordinates for signs and other devices, both when exporting to PDF and to machine readable formats which can be used to import the data to other traffic management systems.

To learn more about what we have added in this update, view the video above, or visit our website for the full list of improvements.