New update available: RapidPlan 3.2

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What’s new in this update?

Print Frames and In-Place Print Preview: Frames allow drawing titleboxes and other plan annotations on a separate paper-space layer and reusing them for multiple plans and print regions. Combined with in-place print preview they provide full control over how TCP objects are positioned on printouts.

Text Variables: Use Text Variables to create reusable templates and objects whose text gets auto-filled based on built-in or custom variable values. Custom variables can be defined for a single plan only, or application-wide.

Importing Georeferenced Images: Import and automatically position aerial imagery from external applications that use georeferenced images. Click here to read a complete tutorial.

Zoomed View Box Tool: The Zoomed View Box tool allows you to create insets presenting specific site areas at a higher level of detail.

Export Manifest Tool: Create manifest documents based on one or more traffic control plans, then print or export to a range of formats (PDF, Text, CSV, XML and Json).

Find Objects Listed in Legend/Manifest: Legend and Manifest Boxes can now be used to trace entries back to the actual on-plan objects they represent.

To learn more about what we have added in this update, view the video above, or visit our website for the full list of improvements.

How will I know when the update is available?

When the update is available for download, an ‘Update’ button will appear on the Invarion Gateway. Click the button and you’ll be up and going with RapidPlan 3.2 in no time!