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Welcome to RapidPlan Online

RapidPlan Online is a web-based application that enables traffic control professionals to draw detailed traffic control plans directly onto Google Maps or Mapbox.

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Specialized drawing tools

Design traffic control plans in minutes using the unique selection of specialized Road, Marker and Primitive tools.

Road tool drawn over Google Maps image in RapidPlan Online sofware

Sign and device libraries

Easily search the extensive sign and device libraries that are frequently updated. It doesn’t matter where you’re located, the application includes specialized libraries for different countries, states and regions around the world.

Integrated mapping

Prepare plans directly onto mapping provided by Google Maps and Mapbox. Simply toggle between these services to access the most current, high quality imagery available for your region.

Prepare plans in minutes, not hours, with RapidPlan Online.

Searchable plan library

Build your project library in the RapidPlan Cloud and plot them on an interactive map for easy access. As your library grows, simply search by keyword, location or job start and end dates.

Live team collaboration

Collaborate live with colleagues and clients during the plan design, revision and approval process. Invite them to access your projects or share plans that can be downloaded as a PDF or image.

Real time location data

Manage worksites live from a cell phone or tablet. Geolocate workers and inventory in real time, ideal for setups and plan alterations. Worksite management has never been safer and easier.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial of the software?2019-04-15T05:43:02+00:00

Yes, all new RapidPlan Online subscriptions include a 14-day free trial.

Where can I view the RapidPlan Online Service Agreement?2019-04-15T05:38:57+00:00

The RapidPlan Online Service Agreement can be viewed at: http://rapidplan.net/webinstall/manual/rapidplan-online-service-agreement/

Where can I view the RapidPlan Online User Manual?2019-04-15T05:37:26+00:00

The User Manual for RapidPlan Online can be viewed at: http://rapidplan.net/webinstall/manual/rapidplan-online-user-manual/

Which browsers are RapidPlan Online compatible with?2019-04-15T05:41:40+00:00

RapidPlan Online has been built to operate on all current internet browsers (i.e., Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla), however for optimal performance, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Can I Run RapidPlan Online on a MAC?2019-04-15T05:23:56+00:00

Yes, RapidPlan Online can be used on any platform or device using a browser. This includes iOS devices such as Mac computers and iPads.