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RapidPath, easy to use swept path analysis software.

RapidPath tests vehicle movements for road and site projects, ensuring your planned layout can safely accommodate any expected vehicle manoeuvres.

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RapidPath Vehicle maneuver simulation

Vehicle maneuver simulation

Simulate forward and reverse vehicle turn manoeuvres quickly and easily. Perform intricate, two dimensional vehicle movements with complete confidence that your results are reliable and precise.

Integrated mapping

Prepare your vehicle simulation and maneuver outline directly onto aerial imagery and mapping integrated into the software. Mapping from external sources, such as GIS systems or online mapping services, can also be imported.

RapidPath Integrated Mapping
RapidPath Complete vehicle libraries

Complete vehicle libraries

RapidPath comes pre-loaded with national standard vehicle design dimensions for multiple countries. Libraries are updated regularly, ensuring you are working with the latest vehicles.

Custom vehicle editor

RapidPath provides extensive vehicle customization options, enabling you to adjust various vehicle dimensions or even create your own custom vehicles.

RapidPath Custom vehicle editor

Prepare a precise and reliable swept path analysis in minutes, not hours, with RapidPath.

RapidPath Team Collaboration Screen

Team collaboration

Collaborate with team members or seek immediate feedback from clients with the software’s cloud-based team collaboration features.

CAD compatibility

Existing design files can be imported directly into RapidPath. Any DXF, DWG, SVG and other image formats can be imported and then fully manipulated.

RapidPlan cad compatibility
RapidPath Reporting

Professional reporting

RapidPath comes with dedicated reporting capabilities, ensuring that your documentation can be presented
at the highest professional standard. Simply export reports to PDF, with other formats also supported.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a CAD application to use RapidPath?2020-09-17T06:21:28+00:00

No, you don’t need a CAD application to use RapidPath – it’s a standalone desktop application. Simply complete the request a quote form and a sales representative will send you information for purchasing a license.

We currently have a license for RapidPlan, how can I access RapidPath?2020-09-17T06:16:40+00:00

RapidPath can be added as an extension to your existing RapidPlan account. Contact your nearest office for more information on activating RapidPath on your account.

What licensing options are available for RapidPath?2020-09-17T06:17:04+00:00

We have two commercial licensing options available:

Single-machine license

Single-machine licenses are ‘per end user machine’. If you are wanting to run RapidPath on two computers, two licences are required.

Multi-machine license

Multi-machine licenses enable you can download the software onto any number of machines (including a network). Register multiple users. Users can then only access the product simultaneously based on the number of purchased licenses (or “seats”). For example, if you purchase one license, only one registered person can access the RapidPath at any one time.

What are RapidPath’s minimum system requirements?2020-09-17T06:06:55+00:00

Minimum software requirements:

  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (or newer)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 (or higher)

Basic hardware requirements:

  • 1GHz or faster processor
  • 2GB system memory
  • 200mb HDD space
  • 64MB graphics memory
Can we install RapidPath on our server?2020-09-17T06:17:52+00:00

Yes, RapidPath multi-machine licenses support server installation.

I am a student/educator, do you offer education licenses?2020-09-17T06:19:23+00:00

Yes, we have two education license options available.

Student license 

A temporary license available to students completing official traffic control qualifications or internships.

Trainer license

A permanent license available exclusively to registered educators.

Both license options provide access to the full featured software, at a discounted rate. Please just note that RapidPath education licenses cannot be used to produce commercial plans and include an unobtrusive watermark on the background of exported/printed plans.

Contact your nearest office for more information.