New update: RapidPlan 3.8

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What’s new in this update?

Google Maps Support: Pick from one of 3 options: Satellite only, Hybrid Light (with road labels) or Hybrid Full and enjoy working over excellent quality aerial imagery for locations across the globe.

Invarion Launcher: The Launcher is the new distribution channel for desktop versions of RapidPlan and RapidPath, ensuring your Invarion software is always up to date.

Hyperlink Tool: Use the Hyperlink text tool on your plans to reference online resources and other files via clickable links on exported PDF documents.

RapidPath Improvements: New RapidPath features have been introduced, among others the ability to present vehicle movement range from a specific position. Click here for more information on conducting vehicle swept path analysis with RapidPath.

Performance and Stability: The underlying platform used by RapidPlan was updated to improve performance and stability, as well as ensure long term support for our core features.

To learn more about what we have added in this update, view the video above, or visit the RapidPlan website for the full list of improvements.