New update available: RapidPlan 3.7

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What’s new in this update?

Multi-layer Snapping: Hold Ctrl+Alt while drawing or transforming objects to allow snapping to objects on all visible layers. This is particularly useful when drawing complex plans with multiple stages, as it allows hassle free snapping to base stage objects like road lanes and edges.

RapidPath Integration: RapidPlan can now display plans that contain vehicle paths created with RapidPath, our swept path analysis tool.

Import New AutoCAD Files: The CAD Import tool has been updated to support new formats, including DXF/DWG 2018 used in AutoCAD 2021.

Snap & Align To Geometry: Snap points and align drawn segments not only at control points, but anywhere along a snap geometry.

Search For Plus Codes: The search bar now supports Plus Codes, a geocoding scheme used by Google as an alternative to street addresses and GPS coordinates.

Circle/Cloud Shaped ZVB: The Zoomed View Box can now be styled to present its content in an ellipse or cloud shaped box.

To learn more about what we have added in this update, view the video above, or visit the RapidPlan website for the full list of improvements.