Adding SIX Maps into RapidPlan

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Please note that SIX Maps is a spatial mapping service provided by the Government of New South Wales. Mapping content is therefore confined to that particular state.

UPDATE: RapidPlan 3.2 has integrated SIX Maps into the software. The old process, detailed below, is therefore no longer required.

Adding SIX Maps to your Base map provider list

To add SIX Maps content, navigate to your mapping provider dropdown list and select ‘More providers…’. Check ‘NSW Imagery’ then click ‘Save’.

Making SIX Maps your default mapping provider

You can also set SIX Maps as your default mapping provider by going to ‘Preferences’. Select the ‘Defaults’ tab. Under ‘New default plan’, select ‘NSW Imagery’ from the Base map provider dropdown list.

OLD PROCESS: RapidPlan users in the Australian state of New South Wales can now access SIX Maps aerial imagery as a base map provider. To access this mapping service in the software:

  1. Create a new plan using the Base map option in the New Plan Wizard
  2. Open the ‘Properties’ tab
  3. In the Base map section of the properties, change the ‘Provider’ to ‘Custom ArcGIS service’. A window will then appear on the canvas area.
  4. Copy and paste the following link into the window:
  5. Click ‘Get details’
  6. Select the star button (on the bottom righthand side of the window) to add this provider to your bookmarks.
  7. Hit ‘Save’

The video below has been provided to step you through these instructions.