New update available: RapidPlan 3.6

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What’s new in this update?

Plan Locations Map: The Welcome Screen now includes a dynamic map control, presenting the locations of your traffic control plans. Browse plans by location, see a quick preview of their details and double-click to open. All recent plans are visible, as well as TCPs from folders you specify.

Improved Recent Plans: The Recent Plans list can now display up to 50 items, highlights selected item on the map and allows pinning your favorite plans for instant access.

Show Street View: Right-click on a map location and select Show Google Street View to see on-site photos in your web browser (subject to Street View image availability at the specific location).

Advanced Snapping: Press the Alt key while snapping to a geometry to enable snappable guides for tangent and perpendicular lines as well as geometry midpoints.

Rotate Print Regions: Individual print regions can now be rotated. This is handy when planning works on a long and windy road, where each page needs a different bearing.

Custom Sign Stands: Sign stands now support custom icons and can be positioned, oriented and styled independently from actual signs. Multiple signs can be connected to one stand.

Search & Replace Signs: Advanced sign search and replace tool allows quickly finding and updating signs, which is particularly useful when editing very large plans.

To learn more about what we have added in this update, view the video above, or visit the RapidPlan website for the full list of improvements.